Learn photography and change the way you see the world.

I want to teach YOU how to take beautiful photos and compose your photos and your life with light (without the overwhelm, confusion and frustration your camera may have caused you in the past).

My six-week "Looking for the Light: Photography & Life" online course will guide you from feeling uncertain about photography to feeling empowered to use your camera to capture authentic moments, ignite your creativity, and experience the joy of photography.

HEY, I'M LAURA!   Welcome.

Are you an aspiring photographer?  Well, my friend, this is where it all begins. I will guide you on an amazing adventure into the joy of photography. All skill levels are welcome, with any type of camera, even just the camera on your phone!

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Feeling a bit overwhelmed by photography?


If photography has caused you to feel frustration, fear or overwhelm in the past, don't worry. Here you'll find simple, online photography education for the everyday person. I break down the technical to make it easy to understand (on any kind of camera, even a phone).

Each module also includes life application, which will equip you to use photography to elevate your perspective, thankfulness, and creativity in your "real life." 

Do you want to replace the frustration with joy? That's my goal for you, friend.

"Looking for the Light: Photography & Life" Online Course

come join me on a personal adventure into the beauty of photography.

My next course starts Jan 7, 2023

Is this the place for you?


I was scared of my camera. I knew it could do a lot, but somehow I just couldn't get off the "auto" setting. I was constantly frustrated with the photos I was taking. Signing up for a photography course was the best thing I ever did. Learning to use my camera changed the way I saw the world. I started looking for light . . . and finding it everywhere; through my camera lens as well as in my "real life." I went from being frustrated and scared of my camera, to being able to create the images I saw with my heart--the images that capture stories and emotions, and freeze moments in time. This journey changed me forever. I promise that you can experience this too. It would be my privilege to teach you photography in a way that serves you, inspires you and brings joy to your life. Even if you're a bit scared, this is the place for you.

"It's sheer brilliance to turn our ordinary into a tale with depth and layers. We shouldn’t forget the magic we make every time we press the shutter button.”   ~ Cindy Cavanagh

"Looking for the Light: Photography & Life" Online Course

come join me on a personal adventure into the beauty of photography.

a new year is coming! treat yourself (or someone else) with the gift of better photography.

Next START DATE: Jan 7, 2023


By the end of this course you will have learned how to:
  • Cultivate a creativity mindset 
  • Train your eyes to see the light around you and capture it with your camera 
  • Master a variety of composition techniques to add interest to your photos 
  • Practice taking control of your camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture 
  • Learn how to tell stories and capture memories with your camera 
  • Enhance your photos by appropriate editing 
  • Increase your thankfulness, joy and appreciation for the beauty around you
Calling all light-seekers . . . 


The word "photography" means "drawing with light." Once I learned how to look for the light, I began to understand how to take beautiful images with my camera. I was able to capture moments and milestones, tell visual stories creatively, and see the world from a new perspective. This incredible perspective and creativity began to overflow into other areas of my life, and I just couldn't get enough. I began to notice and appreciate light and beauty around me each day. I want this for you, too! My "Photography & Life" course will teach you how to capture authentic moments, express yourself artistically, and how to take control of your camera. Woven throughout the course is relevant life-application aimed at increasing your joy, perspective and creativity in real life.


 "Looking for the Light: Photography + Life" is a starter course that combines beginning photography skills with real-life application aimed at uplifting your perspective, thankfulness and joy.


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Journey together with other like-minded individuals who are exploring the world of photography and learning to "look for the light" in their lives. Inspire, uplift & encourage one another along the way.

Give me an hour a week, and this is what I'll teach you


Learn how to think creatively and overcome mental blocks like perfectionism and comparison. Embrace a sense of wonder and learn to see the world anew.

Learn how to see the light around you: the color, emotion, angle and intensity. Determine what time of day and type of light will work in your photos and learn how to fix odd color casts.

Explore a variety of composition tips and learn how to see the subject and the focal point in your images. Discover how to lead the viewer's eye in order to create a strong composition.

Don't let your camera choose for you. Here I'll de-mystify terms like shutter speed and aperture, teaching you how to shoot in manual and create the correct exposure for your images.


A great photo tells a story. Learn how to tell stories of everyday life around you and capture images and memories of loved ones that you can cherish for years to come.

Here's where I teach you how to create some magic through post-processing. Learn about RAW images and how to add color, depth and interest to your photos through editing.

Step-by-step Modules 
Learn photography in six modules delivered over six weeks. Avoid overwhelm by building skills one actionable step at a time.

Get Inspired
Each week, you will be given assignments and inspiration that will push you to create amazing images and change your perspective in life.

Do it Together
I can't wait to interact with you personally. You'll also be invited to join a community of other light-seekers, and find an accountability group or partner if you'd like.

A Great Investment
You will be able to remain a member of the community, and view the lessons for the lifetime of the course. Reach out to me any time for help!

Experience the joy of


I promise, your creativity is there, ready to be awakened! You just need a trusted step-by-step process that helps you change your perspective in order to create something unique. It's about slowing down, intentionally choosing what to focus on, and capturing the beauty that's already around you. In the process, you'll realize that your life is being changed! Creativity will begin to flow in other areas of your life. Your perspective will elevate as you face challenges in your path. Your camera will train you to see your world anew, and interact with it in an entirely different way. As a bonus, there's nothing quite like the high of creating ART that blesses those who see it, and blesses you along the journey.

Freeze this moment so you can remember it forever


Have you ever felt frustrated that the photos you take don't really capture the essence of the moment, or the true personality of the people? I'll teach you how to look for and create opportunities to capture the kinds of photos that are full of joy and authenticity, that tell visual stories, and freeze moments in time. Children grow and loved ones pass on. It's such a gift to know how to photograph them authentically. I'll teach you how to use your camera as a natural extension of the moment, instead of it becoming something that gets in the way of living life and laughing with your loved ones.

"Looking for the Light: Photography & Life"

the next 6-week course begins on Jan 7, 2023

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Just need a little support?


I get it! Photography can feel overwhelming. There's often a gap that's WAY too big between what you see with your eyes and what you see on your camera screen. But when you seek to close this gap by learning your camera, you get quickly overwhelmed. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, depth of field . . . all terms that jumble together in your head and seem beyond your reach. Don't worry. I've got you! I'm a former teacher and a professional photographer, so I'm uniquely suited to help you learn. I will demystify each term and walk you through the real-life application of each, so that you feel empowered to know how to take control of your camera. With practice, you will know exactly how to use it as a tool to create amazing images, unlocking your creative potential. I'll also be personally available to you and I'm happy to answer any and every question. I am also available to offer constructive feedback on your weekly assignments.
Because life isn't just about pretty photos


The photos you end up with are just part of the experience. Through this photography course, you will learn about so many things that will help you in "real life" including:

-Authentically connecting with people
-Being "in the moment" instead of just documenting it
-How changing your focus and perspective can change your results
-Finding light in your everyday life, and how the shadows can accentuate the light
-Elevating your creativity
-Creative problem-solving
-Joy & positivity (And so much more!)

Photography and life go hand-in-hand, and an investment in photography is an investment in YOU, one that can equip you with the tools and inspiration you need to life life more fully.

Sachiko Soro
VOU Dance 

Laura worked with our social media team on the art of photography. It was the highlight of the year many of them expressed. They learnt so much from the experience, including simple tricks and tools that could be used on a mobile phone. Laura’s teaching is passionate as well as open and kind. The content of the course was very detailed and interesting. Laura has a vast experience in the field of photography so we were very grateful to be able to learn some of the foundational principles from her in a great learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The "Photography + Life" course is a starter course, designed for new or aspiring photographers. It's great if you have a DSLR, but if not, it's totally fine to start with your phone camera or a point-and-shoot. As a bonus, I give you gear recommendations if you'd like to upgrade to equipment that will grow with you in your photography journey.

That's a good question! It's true you can learn so much on the internet by looking it up yourself. But it's time consuming to do that, and you may end up more confused. I have done all of the research for you. I've cut out all of the unnecessary technical details, and have focused on simple techniques and teaching that leaves you feeling empowered to know exactly what to do, instead of confused and overwhelmed. In addition, I offer personal support and feedback myself. I will also give you an invitation to join an online community of other students who are working through the modules together with you. You will have the option to choose an accountability parter within the course group. The other benefit of the "Photography + Life" course is that it's full of life-application. I'm not aware of any other photography course available that is doing this. To me, it's such a natural connection for photography skills and creativity to flow over into "real life." It's what makes me so passionate about this course! (See the next FAQ to see how I teach this).

With this course, you will get out as much as you put in. Each week there will be optional assignments including both photography skills and life application. Each week of the course, you will be able to submit your photos and questions directly to me for critique. If you desire, you may also post your photos or questions online in the community group. Through the online community, you can also find an accountability group or partner. If you just want to do this course via independent study (on your own), that's absolutely fine, but you will have a richer experience and grow more quickly in your photography if you participate in the community, find an accountability partner, and submit photos for critique.

The next launch of "Looking for the Light: Photography & Life" will be Jan 7, 2023