Hey there, I'm Laura

Wife to Ray, mother to Eden, Elani and Isla, follower of Jesus.

I’m passionate about connection, joy and creativity. I have found all of these through photography, and I LOVE teaching these skills to others.

I never pictured myself becoming a photographer, I just wanted to take better photos of my kids! Ten years ago I enrolled in a photography workshop, and I have been on an incredible journey ever since, a journey that has awakened my creative side and brought me so much joy.

Through photography I have captured the joy of everyday family moments, traveled to beautiful places in the world, and connected with amazing people. My photos have been published online, on billboards, and in international publications from in-flight magazines to The Washington Post. All of this has happened while I've home-schooled my kids, helped with our non-profit, and just lived my life.

It's been a pretty cool journey. But my favorite thing about photography is the way it has helped me to connect with people and to see the light around me. Photography has BLESSED my life so much, and I am passionate about sharing this blessing with others . . . like you!

I wear a few different hats and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I sell an instant-access travel photography course, as well as a six-week online course for beginners, focusing on photography and looking for the light.  Click the image above to find out more about my courses.


My photography business is Island Encounters Photography.  Click above to view my portfolio or to book a photo session with me in Fiji (where I'm based now) or Hawaii (From Dec. 2023). 


My husband and I founded and direct a faith-based non-profit in Fiji focused on community development, student programs, kid's ministry & sustainable agriculture. I also love teaching & writing about faith and Jesus.

Interested in my online courses?

All About Laura

Originally a California girl, I met and married Ray right out of university, where I studied Biology. I love animals, the ocean, travel and adventure. I love photography, especially if there's a person in the photo.

Jesus is the best thing in my life and I love to talk and write about him. If you don't know him, I'd love to tell you more. You can also read more about our story (mainly Ray's but I'm in it too!) in When the Sharks Come.

Ray and I moved to Fiji in 2001 and have worked in a variety of community development programs here. We founded and co-direct Island Encounters Fiji (A Christian non-profit, aimed at community development, children's ministry and student programs).  

Our family lives down a bumpy dirt road on a 17-acre farm (Haven), where we live. Our girls (all born in Fiji) home-school, which keeps me busy! Two have graduated, one more to go. We have three dogs and three cats. I've run Island Encounters Photography since 2012, focusing mostly on destination wedding photography, resort photography, and underwater photography here in Fiji.

Say hello below or at [email protected].