Learn photography, ignite creativity and find joy.
(without getting stuck in frustration and overwhelm)

Looking for the Light

Photography & Life
00 Days

If you're an aspiring photographer looking to up-level your skill by investing in a
step-by-step photography course, then you're in the right place! 

Have you ever gotten bogged down by the technical?

Stuck by the overwhelm of what you don't know?

has photography caused you more frustration than joy?

I'm here for you.

Give me an hour a week for six weeks.

(1/2 hour of online learning + 1/2 hour of hands-on learning)

By the end of this program,

you will have learned how to:

  • Cultivate a creativity mindset 
  • Train your eyes to see the light around you and capture it with your camera 
  • Master a variety of composition techniques to add interest to your photos 
  • Practice taking control of your camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture 
  • Learn how to tell stories and capture memories with your camera 
  • Enhance your photos by appropriate editing 
  • Increase your thankfulness, joy and appreciation for the beauty around you

   “The course is easy to understand and follow. Laura explains clearly and in detail how to accomplish the techniques she is teaching. With these professional tips you can bring your photos to life in exciting new ways!”

Karen P. 
Communications and Social Media Coordinator


Learn how to think creatively and overcome mental blocks like perfectionism and comparison. Embrace a sense of wonder and learn to see the world anew.

Learn how to see the light around you: the color, emotion, angle and intensity. Determine what time of day and type of light will work in your photos and learn how to fix odd color casts.

Explore a variety of composition tips and learn how to see the subject and the focal point in your images. Discover how to lead the viewer's eye in order to create a strong composition.

Don't let your camera choose for you. Here I'll de-mystify terms like shutter speed and aperture, teaching you how to shoot in manual and create the correct exposure for your images.


A great photo tells a story. Learn how to tell stories of everyday life around you and capture images and memories of loved ones that you can cherish for years to come.

Here's where I teach you how to create some magic through post-processing. Learn about RAW images and how to add color, depth and interest to your photos through editing.

 "Laura’s teaching is passionate as well as open and kind. The content of the course was very detailed and interesting." 

Sachiko S.

Step-by-step Modules 
Learn photography in six modules delivered over six weeks. Avoid overwhelm by building skills one actionable step at a time.

Get Inspired
Each week, you will be given assignments and inspiration that will push you to create amazing images and change your perspective in life.

Do it Together
I can't wait to interact with you personally. You'll also be invited to join a community of other light-seekers, and find an accountability group or partner if you'd like.

A Great Investment
You will be able to remain a member of the community, and view the lessons for the lifetime of the course. Reach out to me any time for help!

Enroll before October 20th and you'll receive:

—A discounted price of $127 USD ($147 regular price)
—Six modules delivered over six weeks  
—Life application meant to encourage and uplift  
—Weekly assignments for hands-on learning  
—Inspiration that will lift you up and cause you to see the world anew  
—Creativity that can help you tackle other challenges in your life  
—"Looking for the Light" community group for posting photos and encouragement

---Live Q&A sessions weekly  
—A simple, positive, joy-filled approach  
—One-on-one support from me including photo critique
—Lifetime access to the course 


1. Invite a friend for free or sponsor a Fiji student ($147 value, plus the value of having an accountability partner!)
2. Behind-the-scenes video of a portrait shoot showing how I implement the things I’ve taught in the course on a real, live photo session ($47 value)
3. PDFs and printable resources and “cheat sheets” to help you as you move forward in your photography journey ($27 value)

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:  

--6 Week Photography Course: $147  
--Invite a friend for free: $147
--Behind the scenes video: $47
--PDF resource materials & "cheat sheets": $27  

Total value $368 USD

But when you enroll before Oct. 20th, you’ll get access to all of this for just . . . $127 USD!

Money-Back Guarantee
I am so convinced that you will learn and grow from this course, I will offer a full money-back guarantee on your investment any time within the first two weeks.


There are six modules that you can work through at your own pace. The module lessons take about 30 minutes to watch in total, and each lesson is between 3-10 minutes long. After watching the lessons, I recommend that you take 30+ minutes to practice and implement what you learned in the lesson by completing the assignment for each week. The entire commitment will be at least one hour a week although you're welcome to do more! The more you shoot, the better you'll get!

Nope, don't worry!  You can participate in this course with just the camera you have on your phone. I will even give you gear suggestions and recommend what you may want to buy moving forward if you choose to invest in camera gear after this course. In Week Four, I teach how to take control of your camera. These are most easily adjusted on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, however if you only have a camera phone, you can use most of these controls using an app on your camera.

If you do have dreams of being a photographer, great! But even if you don't, this course will be useful to you because it will train you how to think creatively, and how to see the world from a different perspective. When you strengthen your "creativity muscle" through photography, it will spill over to other areas of your life and you will see positive change there as well. Maybe you'll find a creative solution to that problem at work, or maybe you'll learn to slow down and notice life around you. You'll be able to take beautiful portraits of your loved ones and freeze moments in time. There are so many benefits to learning photography!

Don't worry about this course being too advanced for you. I designed it for aspiring photographers who don't know anything technical yet, or for beginning/enthusiast photographers who are looking to uplevel their hobby and learn to take control of their camera.

It's true you can learn so much on the internet by looking it up yourself. But it's time consuming to do that, and you may end up more confused since it's difficult to know where to start. I have walked this path ahead of you. I've cut out all of the unnecessary technical details, and have focused on simple techniques and teaching that leaves you feeling empowered to know exactly what to do, instead of confused and overwhelmed. In addition, I offer personal support and feedback myself. I will also give you an invitation to join an online community of other students who are working through the modules together with you. You will have the option to choose an accountability parter within the course group. The other benefit of the "Photography + Life" course is that it's full of life-application. I'm not aware of any other photography course available that is doing this. To me, it's such a natural connection for photography skills and creativity to flow over into "real life." It's what makes me so passionate about this course! (See the next FAQ to see how I teach this).

No problem! You can let me know if you'd like an accountability partner and I can match you up with someone else. You can also use your extra coupon code to sponsor a Fijian student to do the course. I run a non-profit here in Fiji and I know several people that would love to participate!

Yes! You can receive a full refund anytime within the first two weeks if you feel like this course is not a fit for you. But I know you'll love it. I've designed this to inspire, uplift and education in a simple and easy to understand way. If you're looking very scientific/mathematical/technical training or advanced photography training, this isn't the course for you.

Giving Back

Feel good about your investment, knowing that your support helps to keep my family and me serving and giving here in the Fiji Islands, where we run a faith-based non-profit that works in the areas of community development, sustainable agriculture, kid's tutoring/literacy/Bible programs, Fijian student discipleship programs and study abroad programs for university students from North America. We've been here since 2001.

I can't wait for you to join my course!

Maybe you're like me when I first started out. I was scared of my camera. I knew it could do a lot, but somehow I just couldn't get off the "auto" setting. I was constantly frustrated with the photos I was taking. Signing up for a photography course was the best thing I ever did. Learning to use my camera changed the way I saw the world. I started looking for light . . . and finding it everywhere; through my camera lens as well as in my "real life." I went from being frustrated and scared of my camera, to being able to create the images I saw with my heart--the images that capture stories and emotions, and freeze moments in time. This journey changed me forever. I promise that you can experience this too. It would be my privilege to teach you photography in a way that serves you, inspires you and brings joy to your life. Even if you're a bit scared, this is the place for you.

Give it a try! What do you have to lose?

Laura Pittman
Non-profit Co-director, Photographer, Online Educator

Ready to join me?

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