10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Here's a few things you may not have known about me!

Here's a few random facts about me, just because! 

1. I’ve lived in 30+ homes across California, Oregon, Arkansas, Texas, Hawaii & Fiji.

2. My husband Ray proposed to me while scuba diving. He had built a chest out of old wood and had his brother swim it down to the bottom. When we swam up to it, I opened the lid and there was a diamond ring in an oyster shell! He wrote "Will you marry me" on his dive slate, I wrote yes, and we kissed underwater. It was my first dive after getting certified so my heart rate was really pumping! We swam to the surface and Ray asked if I’d be his mermaid forever.

3. My first job in high school was lifeguarding and my first job after graduating summa cum laude from four years of hard work at university was . . . lifeguarding! A bit depressing. . . but at least it was temporary. I love the water!

4. I studied Biology, Intercultural Studies/Community Development (BA) and Biblical Studies (MA). I used to be a Biology teacher.

5. I’ve lived in Fiji more than 20 years. Ray and I came to do community development. We later got into running study-abroad programs and hosting missions teams as well. We've helped to pioneer four organizations in Fiji and currently co-direct a faith-based non-profit called Island Encounters, which we founded, that works with community development, kid’s ministries, and student programs.

6. We lived off the grid on a remote boat-access only beach for 3 years running a study abroad program. Now we live on a 17 acre farm in Nadi in a house we’re finishing renovating.

7. Our girls Eden, Elani and Isla were all born in Fiji. Eden lives in Papua, volunteering. Elani and Isla home-school. My girls are the light of my life.

8. We lost 3 dogs and 3 cats since we moved to our farm (some from tragedies, some from old age), but now we have 3 dogs and 3 cats again and I love them.

9. I picked up photography 10 years ago, never dreaming it would change my life so much. I started Island Encounters Photography, Fiji in 2012 to help fund our non-profit and it’s grown from there. Ray has learned also and we love connecting with people through photography. It’s been a huge blessing.

10. In 2020 (during Fiji's covid lockdown) I decided to create an online photography course. It's been so fun to share the blessing of photography with others! Let me know if you’re interested in joining! 

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