Going on a Trip?

You can invest thousands on a trip, so you know you want to take epic images along the way!

As you prepare to travel, does the thought of photography overwhelm you? Are you unsure of what gear to pack or bring? If you have a "big" camera, do you know how to use it well?

I get it. It can be confusing. The last thing you need before your trip is the stress of combing the internet for photography information.




a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

Oh the sights that you'll see!

Have you ever felt frustrated that the images you take with your camera don't match what you see with your eyes?

Let me help you dramatically improve your images and prepare for your trip, stress free!

 Learn to take photos that bring back beautiful memories of what you saw and felt on your travels; for yourself and for others to enjoy.

15 minutes x 5 days

Join me over the next five days? In 15 min. a day, I'll pass on the best of what I know and get you ready for your trip!

Self Paced Content

If you don't have time each day, no problem. You can watch the content all at once, or catch up later.

Improved Images

I guarantee that this investment in your photography will result in less frustration and better images!

Capturing Moments 

As you travel, you want to be able to enjoy each moment, and photography can actually help you to do that!

Your camera helps you to be present, look for the beauty, experience it fully, and capture it all as you go.

It's smart to learn how to capture better images with your camera BEFORE you arrive at your destination, so you're not frustrated when you get there.

Learn to take images that bring back memories of what you saw and felt on your travels, for yourself and for others to enjoy. Let me help you prepare!

From beginning to end . . . I'm here for you.

Whether you have a "big" camera, or just a phone for now, let me guide you through:

- What gear to pack/buy AND how to use it.
- How to dramatically improve your images through light and composition.  
- What to research about your location and how to tell the story of your experience.  
- How to make sure you don't ruin your gear or lose your images!

to get you ready to go


Give me 10-15 minutes a day for five days, and I'll get you ready for your trip. I have drawn from my years of experience to create this concise, value-packed course.

For only $59, you can feel confident and equipped to capture any image that you encounter on your travels. I'll take you from mindset to technique, throwing in lots of tips and tricks that I've learned on my journey, along with gear recommendations and packing lists.

The course is broken down into five lessons. You can view one a day for five days (I'll send you email reminders with a link to that day's video). If you prefer, you can binge-watch them all together and be done in about an hour! You will have lifetime access to the course so you can always refer back to it later. My goal is to make this information concise, obtainable and actionable so you can apply what you learn on your travels.

This was a fantastic class! The modules were well prepared & thought out. I loved and enjoyed the calm and peaceful presentation. I enjoyed the whole experience and I am looking forward to taking better pictures.

~ Joan McGoon

I was afraid of not being able to grasp certain concepts and capture images to reflect them as I was using a phone for this course. One important lesson I have learnt is to not let perfection hold you back. Photography is a form of art and you are meant to have fun!

~ Nikita Dee 

This course provides a great platform to learn about cameras, how to work in manual mode, the things that need consideration when taking photos, and how can you make photography fun and interesting.

~ Rachna Kumar

Are you ready?

Start improving your images TODAY!

Just $59 and you're on your way to better photos.

If you watch and implement the course and aren't satisfied, contact me for a full refund with 7 days.  

There's nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?