Into the Unknown

On the brink of a new adventure . . . moving from Fiji to Hawaii

BULA once again from Fiji! Our family has one month left here before we move to Kona, Hawaii. We’re rounding off 23 years of life here in Fiji, and it feels a bit surreal. Three of our six pets have been re-homed. Truckloads of our “stuff;” memorabilia, clothes, decorations, things once precious, are being given away or sold.

We came to Fiji in January 2001 with two suitcases each and we will leave in December 2023 with two suitcases each.

We’re not yet sure who will rent our home here in Fiji. We’re working on getting the lease renewed before we go, which has not been easy. We don’t know where we’re going to live when we get to Kona, aside from having two weeks of temporary accommodation. It's a huge step into the unknown.

We’ll hit the ground the week before Christmas, be reunited with our two adult daughters (our three girls will be together for a couple of weeks, hooray!). We will start a new life.

There are so many unknowns, and at times, to be honest, it is scary, overwhelming and heavy. Other times, when my faith is strong, I know that it is the right thing and I feel peace. I know that we will be okay because God is with us and we know this is where He is leading. When we don’t have all of the details, it makes us depend on Him more, and honestly that’s the best place we could be: dependent upon God for everything, watching how He comes through for us. One day I’ll look back on this time and see how it all worked out in a better way than I ever could have planned.

In the midst of all of this crazy, I have set up my online “Looking for the Light” course to be instant-access (instead of doing it one module at a time over 6 weeks, students can complete it any time, anywhere). Check it out, it's ready to go!

Come along on this crazy ride with me, and let’s see how it unfolds! If you’re thinking about taking a “crazy” next step . . . maybe it’s time to do it. Step out in faith. Stretch yourself into the next thing, even if it’s hard. I have a feeling you (and I) will be glad we did.

Peace and Light,