Sunshine after the Storm

The sun always comes out again . . . every single time.

This past weekend Cyclone Cody passed by Fiji, where I live. We closed up all the louvered windows, put towels on the floor, brought the dogs inside, and did everything we could to prepare. The power went out, the water went out, and the internet went out. But we were safe and dry inside of the house, unlike many others in Fiji, who experienced heavy flooding in their homes and businesses. 

Today I looked out the window, watching the gray skies, just waiting for the sunshine to come out again. It always does, you know. The sun will never stay hidden forever. No matter how bad things get, the sun comes out again. The sun will dry up the tears, warm up the soil, and (in combination with that rain!) make things grow on our farm.

And soon enough it did come out! I snapped this photo on my iphone off the front porch.

Looking for the light is so important in life. Waiting for that moment when the rain stops and the skies open up with sunshine. 

If you’re going through some storms right now, hang on, friend. The light is coming! 

I’m always here to talk, if you need me.

Peace and Light,


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