How to Avoid Blurry Images

Have you ever wondered why your images are blurry sometimes? Here's the causes and how to avoid them.

Have you ever struggled with blurry images? Know that you’re not alone! There are a few things that can cause blurry images. Let me break down the mystery so you can start enjoying crisp, clean photos, even when you're photographing action.
1 Not enough light - This is the top reason for blurry photos. When there’s not enough light, your camera struggles to capture the image. There are a few things you can do here. Step outside if it’s daytime, or turn on a light or move the subject near a window or a lamp. Adding light will make a huge difference!  

2 The camera doesn’t know where to focus - When you look through your camera, YOU know what you want to focus on, but you have to tell your camera or it won’t know! On a phone, you can simply tap the screen on the thing you’re wanting to focus on. On some digital cameras you can tap the screen, on others you need to choose a setting (I like center point focus, so the middle point is always where I focus, then I can re-compose if needed).   

3 You are moving too much - Stay very still when you take a photo! Don’t don't the photo while you're moving your hands. Separate your feet, draw your elbows in, and make yourself into a stable platform. Hold the camera or phone securely, and make sure you don’t move the device until the photo clicks. Sometimes I even hold my breath so there’s no movement from my breathing!  

4 Your subject is moving too much - If you have low light, your subject will need to be very still. If you’re photographing kids or pets that just won’t be still, then you’ll need to add some more light in. Your light source could be a window, a lamp, or a flash. A flash will freeze motion.   

5 Wrong camera settings on your digital camera* - If your shutter speed is too slow, your photos will come out blurry. A fast shutter speed will freeze motion. You can also adjust the area of your photo that is in focus by adjusting your aperture to be a larger number (like 8+).*If you don't yet understand your camera settings, I will cover this in my online course!
I hope at least one of these tips helped you understand photography better. Pick up your camera today and practice implementing some of these ideas.
I address all of these tips in more detail within my online course so contact me if you'd like to learn more!

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